Here are some ways to use the
cell phone for some verbal assessments

Google Voice: You can use this program to record your students speaking in the target language. It can be used as a regular phone or it can be used to record students using the voice mail function. You could set your voice mail greeting up as a question for an oral test. Students will hear the voice mail greeting when they call in, and then they would need to respond to the question in the target language.

Ipadio: This program allows you to make podcasts using your phone. In order to use this program, you either need to have your students set up their own account or they will have to use your phone. Only one number can be registered to use the program. It is harder to manage and grade if you do not have an account that the students can access and use the same number. Some parents would also not want their children to set up an account like this on their own. You can also use this program to post to the posterous account which is discussed in the Written Assessments section.

Phone Casting: This program allows you to make recordings by phone. You need to enter a phone number that students can use as the identifying number when they call from their cell phones. I use the Google Voice phone number that I have created with my generic email account so that students do not have access to my personal phone number. Students can record about any topic in the target language. You will have access to listen to the phone casts from your account. You cannot get an embed code on these recordings to put on an online portfolio.

Voki: You will need to use a computer in addition to a cell phone for this program. Students will create an avatar on the computer. After students create the avatar they will give it a voice by using their cell phones. They will call the number that the program provides and talk to make their avatar speak. You can have them talk about all sorts of things. You can have them give introductions, talk about what they did last summer, or whatever else you can think of to get them speaking in the target language. Once the students have completed the voki, you can have them save it to a classroom account or you can have them email it to you. You can also get a code that will allow you or your students to post it to an online portfolio.

Here is a sample voki from a German 1 student

Yodio: With this program you can have your students call in and record themselves talking about any subject matter. They can then attach the audio recordings to images to make a slide show. They could describe pictures or actions in the target language.