Here are some ways to usethe cell phone as a study tool

Remind 101: This program allows you to send out reminders to students in a group text. The text message will come from a different phone number than your own. Students cannot text back to you by replying.

Pulse: This program will allow you to set up groups of students that you can send texts to. You can use this program to send out remidners to students. Or you can allow anyone to respond to the text messages sent. If you do this, you can have an sms conversation going on in the target language.

gText: This program is very new and it looks like it is similar to Remind 101 and Pulse. You can send out group text reminders. However, this program allows you to put a limit on how many texts are sent out. This limit can be helpful with students who do not have an unlimited texting plan.

Study Boost: With this program you can set up study lists and questions. You can set up a list of vocabulary to have the students review or a practice test. Students will have he questions texted to them and they text back to the program with their answers. You could have them do this in class or at home.